Large diameter blind holes: overcoming tool breakage issues

HVSP Z-Pro Yamawa

The manufacturing of large parts often deals with thick and long chips that increase the risk of chip tangling and cutting edge chipping, especially when machining soft structural steel such as Fe430B and low carbon steels. Without the use of a specific tap, tool breakage is a frequent issue. Within the broad Yamawa range of… Read more »

Dolinšek-S at International Industry Fair in Celje

Yamawa Dolinsec

From 5th to 8th of April, the company Dolinšek-S – Yamawa’s partner from Slovenia – has attended the International Indust­ry Fair in Celje. “During the four days of the exhibition a steady flow of people came to visit our stand. We met many potential new customers and it has been a great opportunity for our long-time customers to… Read more »

Rozszerzenie asortymentu dla gwintowników maszynowych serii VU Z-Pro

Zpro VU Series Yamawa Europe

W związku z sukcesem serii gwintowników maszynowych VU Z-Pro, japoński producent rozwiązań do gwintowania i wiercenia, firma Yamawa, poszerzyła swoją ofertę o nowe rozmiary i typy. Seria VU Z-Pro obejmuje VUPO (gwintowniki spiralne z korektą gwintowania do otworów przelotowych) i VUSP (gwintowniki spiralne z powłoką do otworów nieprzelotowych). Firma Yamawa specjalnie zaprojektowała gwintowniki VU, aby… Read more »

HVSP taps for the Heavy Industry

The heavy industry sector and its factories involved with large parts design and production have to face specific complexities and challenges very different from other industrial fields. Good examples come from companies involved with the manufacturing of parts for power generation and distribution equipment, offshore platforms, military and commercial marine vessels, rail, and special civil… Read more »