HVSP taps for the Heavy Industry

The heavy industry sector and its factories involved with large parts design and production have to face specific complexities and challenges very different from other industrial fields. Good examples come from companies involved with the manufacturing of parts for power generation and distribution equipment, offshore platforms, military and commercial marine vessels, rail, and special civil… Read more »

Twing-M at Metalworking in Minsk

Twing-M at Metalworking in Minsk

The company Twing-M, Yamawa’s partner from Belarus, has attended the Metalworking exhibition held from 6th to 9th of April in Minsk. It was one the first European exhibitions attended by one of our distributors after a long period of forced stop, an important opportunity for testing the market and attendees’ reactions. Ovsey Gutfraind, member of… Read more »

New Yamawa European Catalogue YEU21

The first edition of the European Catalogue has finally reached the print store. This new-brand European Catalogue YEU21 has been renewed in contents and presents several new products. With more than 750 pages and 9.000 product items, the new Yamawa’s European Catalogue YEU21 aims at getting even closer to the needs of the european market…. Read more »

Blue Ring Series: taps for stainless steel

This article introduces the Yamawa Blue Rings Series of taps for stainless steel. It gives technical advices about the effectiveness of the oxidization treatment (OX) and non-water soluble oil use. Furthermore, this Focus highlights the advantages of larger bored holes before tapping. Yamawa’s series of taps for stainless steel (Blue Ring Series) is comprised of… Read more »

AUSP taps for Pipes Industry

AUSP family is fully developed for the Pipes Industry to produce G, Rp and Rc threads, where the main challenge is to combine reliability with versatility and finishing quality, even on structural steel (sticky and characterized by long chips), tipically used by customers in this segment. Yamawa AUSP Series meet perfectly these requirements thanks to… Read more »


Japońskie przedsiębiorstwo Yamawa prezentuje nową linię gwintowników Z-PRO, zapewniających najwyższą jakość gwintowania.  Poprzez wprowadzenie gwintowników VUSP i VUPO, Yamawa prezentuje pierwszą rodzinę gwintowników z nowej linii Z-PRO, stanowiącą owoc całej zgromadzonej przez lata wiedzy i doświadczenia oraz zapewniającą klientom produkt na najwyższym poziomie w zakresie innowacji i przyjętych rozwiązań technologicznych. Gwintowniki VUSP (gwintowniki spiralne do… Read more »

MHSP: Nowe gwintowniki dla branży motoryzacyjnej

Yamawa, światowy lider wśród producentów rozwiązań do gwintowania, wprowadza na rynek nowe gwintowniki MHSP zaprojektowane z myślą o poprawie wydajności gwintowania otworów ślepych w stali węglowej średniej twardości. „Gama gwintowników MHSP dla branży motoryzacyjnej rozszerza ofertę, która zyskała już uznanie kilku ważnych ośrodków produkcyjnych w Azji i w Europie” – powiedział Alessandro Sorgato, dyrektor generalny Yamawa Europe. – „Wynika to ze… Read more »

Enhanced productivity with PRML Thread Mills

The PRML is a series of ultra fine, micrograin carbide premium thread mills that widens Yamawa’s portfolio with high performance solutions for higher productivity and high quality threading. The new programming software is available: at the end of this article, you have the link for the download. PRML thread mills are specifically designed to enable… Read more »