Material specific series for targeted needs

Yamawa’s Materials Specific series is a selection of taps whose characteristics respond to the specific needs of machining different types of materials in the most effective way ensuring high quality threads, reliable processes, and lower cost per thread.

Taps for cast iron (ISO K material group)

For the users looking for the state-of-the-art technology in tapping abrasive ISO K materials, Yamawa proposes the Z-Pro GGST and Z-Pro GGST CH taps; the latter is also available with short chamfer – GGST CH E(1.5P) version. The GGST is a straight fluted tap for medium tapping speed applications that delivers excellent internal thread surface thanks to optimized cutting geometry and the special coating. The version with axial coolant holes GGST CH is the best choice for machining blind holes in automotive parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads or differential gears when high tapping speed is required to increase productivity. Coolant holes promotes chips evacuation and finished threads cleaning. GGST CH is available with two chamfer lengths, i.e., C (2.5P) and E (1.5P). Short chamfer type is the ideal solution for cutting threads as close as possible to the bottom of blind holes.

Yamawa taps for aluminum (ISO N material group)

Aluminum alloys, part of ISO N group, are a challenging material because they are ductile and adhesive; the use of specific tools such as Yamawa’s green ring taps and appropriate cutting speeds overcome the problem leading to high quality threads and reliable processes. For example, the AL+SP/AL-SP taps for blind holes applications enable consistent tapping even in medium-high speed cutting area in forged workpieces of light alloys such as aluminum die castings and aluminum castings. The optimized cutting geometry combined to the specific NI surface treatment avoid the formation of burrs in minor diameter, which usually occurs during tapping light alloys. Comparative tests prove that internal threads cut using Yamawa’s AL+SP tap are of higher quality, and tool life is longer than that of competitors: after 20.000 tapped holes, AL+SP is still working while burrs formation stopped other taps stopped after 15.000 holes.

Yamawa Material Specific taps for ISO N materials also include carbide taps for light alloys: the CT LA taps, suitable for blind and through hole applications. They can be successfully used on aluminum casting, aluminum die-casting and other nonferrous materials.