Yamawa 100 years

In 2023 Yamawa is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its foundation. Here we summarize the timeline of a long history of commitment and excellence that started in 1923, developed through the years and it is still looking forward to the future with confidence as the day the journey began.

Tokyo, 1923
Threads are indispensable for many products. During that time all «taps» were imported.
Yamawa founder, Mr. Jokichi Watanabe, believed that the domestic production of taps would prove crucial for the development of the Japanese manufacturing industry. On October, 10 he founded YAMAWA MFG. Co., Ltd. as a private company and began research into the standardization of taps and manufacturing methods for the mass production of high quality taps.

In Japanese, YA-MA-WA means Greater prosperity, more united. In these words, it still resounds with Watanabe’s wish: as the company becomes prosperous, the harmony among employees gets stronger.

The company later became incorporated, and the factory was evacuated to Yonezawa due to World War II. After the war, YAMAWA was involved in the establishment of JIS standards for taps. As a specialized manufacturer of threading tools, YAMAWA has developed alongside the Japanese manufacturing industry.

In 2023
Today, YAMAWA contributes to manufacturing in many countries around the world through the following three companies: YAMAWA MFG. Co., Ltd., which manufactures taps and other products; Yamawa Engineering Service Co., Ltd., which provides domestic sales and technical support for Yamawa products, and Yamawa International Co., Ltd., which provides overseas sales and technical support.

Looking towards the next 100 years
As a group, YAMAWA will continue striving to provide «Reliable Screw Threads». The company is massively investing in R&D and in the manufacturing quality control system, paying also attention to the environmental issues aiming at supporting the industry with highly reliable tools.

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