The machining of cast iron and abrasive materials is often challenging because of the wear that occurs on the surface of taps, potentially resulting in chipping of tap surface – that means bad thread quality- and shortening of tool life.

Yamawa has developed material specific taps to overcome these issues, making the tapping of abrasive materials a reliable application:

  • GG-HT taps (white ring taps)

These are straight fluted taps for cast iron, for general machining purposes, that can be used from CNC machining centers to drilling machines. The cutting edge features a geometry with high rigidity rake angle; Nitride treatment allows reaching up to 1,300 HV surface hardness, thus ensuring high wear resistance.

Machining tests carried on to compare Yamawa’s GG-HT tap with a general-purpose straight fluted tap clearly show that GG-HT tap can achieve more than three times the number of tapped holes, making the process more reliable.  

  • Z-Pro GGST and GGST CH taps

GGST is a straight fluted tap for medium tapping speed part of the Z-Pro Series that delivers excellent internal thread surface thanks to optimized cutting geometry and the special coating. The version GGST CH is the best choice for the machining of automotive parts when high tapping speed is required to increase productivity. The internal coolant hole promotes chips evacuation and finished threads cleaning. Two chamfers, C (2.5P) and E (1.5P), are available. E (1.5P) chamfer

  • CT-FC taps

CT-FC is the Yamawa carbide tap with specific design based on GG-HT geometry for extremely long and stable tool life that can last up to 50 times longer than HSS conventional taps.

Download the leaflet to know more about Yamawa taps for cast iron and abrasive materials and discover the whole range of available sizes!