HVSP taps Z-Pro Yamawa

The manufacturing of large parts often deals with thick and long chips that increase the risk of chip tangling and cutting edge chipping, especially when machining soft structural steel such as Fe430B and low carbon steels. Without the use of a specific tap, tool breakage is a frequent issue.

Within the broad Yamawa range of taps, HVSP spiral fluted taps – part of the successful Z-PRO Series of high performance taps – are especially designed with the BLF thread geometry, a special geometry of the cutting edge, and a unique flute design to provide smooth chip ejection.


Yamawa designed the cutting edge of HVSP taps with a special, advanced geometry that prevents chip incursion from the back side of the chamfer thread portion during the reverse motion of the tool. The unique flute design contributes to smooth chip ejection also in the case of long chips, while the BLF shape on the full thread portion delivers excellent cutting performance by preventing flute chipping and promotes tap stability.

In taps with BLF geometry, the tool is designed to have the first three threads at full height and the balance of the threads at about the pitch diameter in height: the result is a significant improvement in tool life due to low thread height in the BLF area that reduces friction and prevents welding problems.

The oxidation treatment that helps the straight oil to stay on the flutes while machining, makes HVSP large diameter taps more effective and ensures excellent internal thread surfaces. Comparative tests carried on different materials show how HVSP taps perform much better than conventional spiral pointed taps, being capable of tapping twice as much threads as other taps can cut without showing any issue.


HVSP taps are first choice taps in the heavy metalworking industry, such as power generation and distribution equipment, offshore platforms, military and commercial marine vessels, rail, and special civil and military vehicles.

HVSP standard stock of taps actually ranges from size M12x1.75 to M48x5, therefore meeting most of the heavy industry’s needs. Upon request, Yamawa can quickly produce larger diameters (the so-called semi-standard types) from blanks.

To know more about HVSP taps, download the leaflet and contact our staff at info@yamawa.eu.