Twing-M at Metalworking in Minsk

The company Twing-M, Yamawa’s partner from Belarus, has attended the Metalworking exhibition held from 6th to 9th of April in Minsk. It was one the first European exhibitions attended by one of our distributors after a long period of forced stop, an important opportunity for testing the market and attendees’ reactions. Ovsey Gutfraind, member of Board of Directors draws an interesting scenario for 2021 that make us confident about a quick recovery of the industry.

“In spite of the pandemic that lasts already for more than 1 year, Twing-M has not stopped its work for a single day. We continued to work with customers on a regular basis both remotely and directly providing our service and conducting tests in the shop floor when possible.

The yearly exhibition “Metalworking” was cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic, during this long delay, people have longed for communication resulting in a true desire to come to this year’ exhibition.

The majority of companies that exhibit at Metalworking annually has opted out this year, but due to the normalization of the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Belarus, we decided to participate. New customers who needed to get direct information on new products lined up at Twing-M stand! During for 4 days about 1000 customers visited our stand with an area of more than 110 square meters and 20% of the contacts were new. It was not easy to take care with such a flow of visitors, but thanks to the well-coordinated work of our colleagues and the support of our main partners, we paid attention to each of our guests.

Through our daily and systematic work, we have ensured that Yamawa Company has become recognizable in our market as a quality brand chosen for performance and reliability.

Many visitors were interested in the “Special offer” for testing, in particular taking the chance to test the taps of the new Z-PRO line which attracted a lot of attention thanks to its technological evolution.

Though all difficulties connected with the global economic situation we hope for the best and we are sure that this year Yamawa’s share at our market will be doubled in comparison with 2020.”