Yamawa Europe, the European branch of the Japanese leading threading solution manufacturer, introduces in the European market the new HVSP series of taps for threading large forged parts. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of the heavy metalworking industry and the power generation sector, these new products complete a portfolio of solutions that include the RE-HT taps for the off-shore maintenance of large parts threads.

According to users’ surveys, most of the problems that occur in large-size tapping applications relate to the chipping of the tap, that it is exactly what customers would like to avoid the most. Yamawa HVSP taps solve chipping problems by adopting three unique design innovations on chamfer and thread portion: the special design of geometry in the cutting edge, Yamawa patented BLF geometry on full thread portion and a unique flute design for smooth chip ejection.
Examples of applications in the power generation industry in which HVSP taps have proved benefits in terms of better quality of threads and longer tool life include the production of turbines casings, rotors and flanges. Other typical parts requiring large size threading are cylinders, pumps and crankshafts.

«Given that the size of turbines and number of off-shore windfarms increase, we see a fast increase in the demand for reliable high performance solutions for threading of large parts both from the production lines and from off-shore operation and maintenance» said Alessandro Sorgato, CEO of Yamawa Europe. «We are confident that with the combined availability of specific solutions like HVSP and RE-HT taps we will be able to provide a significant help in terms of increased productivity also to this new important segment».

HVSP are designed for blind holes machine tapping of large size threads on a broad range of materials such as Alloy Steel, Low, Medium and High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. They are available from M30x3.5 to M48x5.











RE-HT taps are designed for off-shore maintenance activities such as correcting thread flaws, cleaning threads from burrs, paint, rust and residual spatters from welding. The taps come with interchangeable cutting heads available from M50x1.5 up to M80x6 and three different arbors that can be selected to allow total tap length of 200mm, 400mm or 600mm.








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