November 1923
Founded by Jokichi Watanabe in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
December 1937
Company incorporated.
June 1955
All products certified to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) categories.
November 1973
Awarded from the Department of Trade and Industry as superiority in industrial standardization.
December 1984
New machine tool manufacturing shop constructed inside the Fukushima Factory.
June 1996
YAMAWA TAP Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 9001 certification
January 1998
Yamawa European Stock Centre - Sorma spa
January 2003
Obtained ISO14001 certification in YAMAWA TAP Co., Ltd.
September 2008
YAMAWA ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. and YAMAWA TC Center Co., Ltd. obtained ISO14001 in September, 2008.
January 2016
Yamawa Europe starts official operations

YAMAWA has been working on Threading Tools for more than 90 years with a hope to contribute to machine industry.

Mr. Jokichi Watanabe started the business in Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo in 1923. Since then, YAMAWA has been making an effort to evolve its technologies along with the progress of Japanese machine industry.

Yamawa will respond to diverse customers’ needs by continuously focusing on research and development.