Yamawa Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
765 (Group total)
Yoshio Watanabe
495,000,000 yen (Group total)
October, 1923
Head Office
No. 13-10, Kyobashi 3 chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031 Tel 03-3561-2711, Fax 03-5250-7416
Manufacturing, sales and export of thread cutting tools (taps and dies) and boring tools (center drills)

Yonezawa Plant

This is the main manufacturing plant within the Yamawa group, featuring a fully-equipped testing centre.

Address: No. 1-74, Narushima machi 2 chome, Yonezawa shi, Yamagata ken, 992-0057

Fukushima Plant

In addition to manufacturing cutting tools, this plant features the R&D centre for the products of Yamawa group, as well as a machine shop where grinding machines for Yamawa group are manufactured. The plant is equipped with a central oil supply system and the most modern heat treatment facilities too.

Address: No. 3, Sasakino hara, Sasakino aza, Fukushimashi 960-8057

Aizu Plant

Designed for mass production and equipped with the most advanced machine tools, Aizu plant set a reference for its fully-automatized process. The output of Aizu plant is composed by taps, centre drills and carbide taps.

Address: Sakamoto Kogyo Danchi 2, Aizu bange machi , kawanuma gun, Fukushima-ken, 969-6586

Tsutsumi Plant

This is the latest plant to become operative, delivering blanks to all the plants belonging to the Yamawa group

Address: No. 3642-1, Naoe sekitei, Yonezawa shi, Yamagata ken, 992-1446