The European bicycle industry sells about 20 million bicycles over a year, and involves about 900 small and medium enterprises employing directly and indirectly 120,000 workers.

At the beginning of 2020, the bike market suffered an initial setback mostly accountable to lock-down and barriers to transport and movement, but it soon rebounded as one of the fastest growing industry during and after the COVID-19 emergency. The European bicycle industry now registers a steadily rising demand and it is expected to grow considerably in the future. This positive trend is a deeply rooted phenomenon: according to the “European Mobility Atlas 2021” published by the Heinrich Boell Foundation, since 2006, the sales figure in the EU-28 has increased from 98,000 up to about 3,300,000 units in 2019. In recent years, a big push forward to the cycling industry came from pedal assist e-bikes (currently about the 17% of EU bicycle sales) and their strong potential in substituting motor vehicle usage over short journeys. In 2019, sales of pedal assisted e-bikes had reached 3.4 million and they are expected to grow to 13.5 million units sold annually by 2030, if supported by a favorable legislation.

HT taps for the bicycle industry

Yamawa works together with bike makers and supports the growth trend of the market with specific taps for bike parts that ensure high quality and reliable threads: the HT BC and HT CTV. HT BC are straight fluted taps for threading bicycle parts such as the bottom bracket, pedals, fork or the derailleur hanger, while the HT CTV are straight fluted taps dedicated to the manufacturing of bicycle tire valves.

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