The first edition of the European Catalogue has finally reached the print store. This new-brand European Catalogue YEU21 has been renewed in contents and presents several new products.

With more than 750 pages and 9.000 product items, the new Yamawa’s European Catalogue YEU21 aims at getting even closer to the needs of the european market.

This is the first catalogue completely designed and developed by Yamawa Europe’s team. It was born from the feedback that the company has received from partners, customers, and users during these years. The implementation of such suggestions resulted in great changes in the structure and product search mechanisms and led to a complete, practical, and of-immediate-use tool” states Alessandro Sorgato, CEO of Yamawa Europe introducing the catalogue.

New products highlight

Among the most interesting new products there is the Z-PRO series of high-performance taps, that recently joined the european market with success and rapidly became a technological benchmark in many industries. Part of Z-PRO series are:

  • the VU series, designed to be used in modern multi-function machining centres and for tapping with either oil or water soluble cutting fluid.
  • HVSP taps, that quickly became the technical benchmark for large diameter blind holes
  • the new MHRZ forming taps for the high-efficiency threading of medium hardness steels
  • the new AUSP series for outstanding thread surfaces for pipe threads (types G, Rp, Rc (PT) are available)

Furthermore, the catalogue introduces the PM range of taps for the mould and die industry that completes the “red ring” series of taps and provides the metal working industry  with the best and most efficient threading solution within the whole range of 25-45 HRC hardness.

The rest of the range is divided into five further series (General purpose, Multi purpose, Material specific, High speed, and Hand taps), each with its own features that better meets the need of the production.

Yamawa Europe also proposes a wide range of taps with less common diameters and threads, such as the M11, M13, M15, M17, M19, left hand taps, BSW and UNEF threads, and UNC/UNF-thread taps with tol. 3B in the JIS and ANSI standards.

Four different product search systems

The catalogue is organized according to four different product search systems to facilitate the search and comparison of products both to “historical” users and to whom approaches Yamawa’s world for the first time. Yamawa Europe proposes the following product search systems:

  • Alphanumerical Index: a sort of technical index. Once the user identifies the Tap series most suitable for his application, the chart gives information about the available range  and technical data.
  • System Chart: for selecting in a few steps the most suitable tap depending on the application (material, hole type, cutting/forming…) and the Tap series classification. 
  • Type of thread: sorts all available products by type of thread (M, MF, UNC, UNF…)
  • Dimension: list of all sizes available in each section.

The new Tool Finder app

While waiting for your copy, use the app to find the most suitable Yamawa threading solution for your applications. Get it now!

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