Yamawa introduces at EMO 2017 (18-23 September, Hanover, Germany) its new PRML ultra fine micrograin carbide premium thread mills. This new solution enhances the portfolio of Yamawa with high performance solutions for higher productivity and high quality threading. PRML thread mills are specifically designed to enable higher productivity for all those applications in which the use of conventional taps may result in less efficient machining or when the risk of tap breakage or work-piece damage is extremely high due to work-piece design. This new series of thread mills complete Yamawa portfolio of threading solutions that includes cutting taps, roll taps, dies and roll dies, offering to users greater application flexibility, a complete set of options available for every applications and work-piece materials and the highest quality standards.
The innovative design of PRML with only three threads allows improved internal thread accuracy and longer tool life. The initial cutting occurs at the first thread so taper is eliminated on the internal threads. Counter clockwise rotation of the tool produces less cutting load enabling longer tool life. The PRML thread mills finishes thread in one cycle, machining from top to bottom enabling significant reduction of processing time thanks to the one-rotation cycle cutting method.

“We are extremely pleased to present such an important addition to the portfolio as the PRML series at EMO,” says Alessandro Sorgato, CEO of Yamawa Europe. “This is a product that our partners and customers have been asking for to improve their operation flexibility and finally we can offer them a great product delivering outstanding performances both in terms of internal threads quality and accuracy and of longer tool life. We can safely say that with the addition of the PRML premium thread mills Yamawa can offer to the market the most complete range of threading solution including cutting and forming taps, cutting and forming dies and centering tools”.

PRML thread mills will be initially available from tool diameter 3,5mm to 9mm enabling the creation of internal threads from M5 to M12 and are suitable for operations on a broad range of materials from low carbon steel to thermal refined steel up to 45 HRC with cutting speed up to 100m/min. The new neck length design enables 2xD threading from M5 to M12 threads. Specific coating and internal coolant enables longer tool life and high thread accuracy.

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