AUSP family is fully developed for the Pipes Industry to produce G, Rp and Rc threads, where the main challenge is to combine reliability with versatility and finishing quality, even on structural steel (sticky and characterized by long chips), tipically used by customers in this segment.

Yamawa AUSP Series meet perfectly these requirements thanks to a set of specially-developed technical features:

  • “high positive” cutting angle;
  • special “heel design”;
  • BLF geometry;
  • in-house developed coating.

AUSP Series drastically reduce galling troubles on the cutting edge and improves chip ejection, allowing high reliability and long tool life. AUSP taps are multi-purpose, since they are suitable for tapping a wide range of materials: structural steel; carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In Rp and Rc threads, this family also includes long shank solutions.