Mold and die industry remains a key production technology of present-day manufacturing.

Across all sectors, from consumers goods to high-tech, the quality of the production process is strictly related to the quality of mold and today’s techniques can manufacture micron-order precision molds and dies that can only be obtained starting from the use of reliable production cycles.

A range of high performance taps for ISO P materials

With PM taps, Yamawa proposes a range of high performance taps tailored to the specific needs of the mold and die industry; they complete the “red ring” series of taps and represent the best and most efficient threading solution within the whole range of 25-45 HRC hardness.

PM series can cover a wide range of ISO P materials from high carbon steels to a high tensile strength steel up to 45 HRC. The use of HSSP material and the featured geometry make these taps tough and resistant to wear. They express their best performances in the application area of 30-40 HRC steel.

PM, combined with already existing red ring taps (PH and EH), improve Yamawa’s offer for tough materials used in the mould and die industry.

Both two types, PM-SP for blind holes and PM-PO for through holes, are available in sizes from M3x0.5 to M30x3.5 and from MF8x1 to MF30x1.5.