With the lights out on the ITM Industry Europe fair held in Poznan (Poland), it is time to take stock. Technar, Yamawa’s partner from Poland, was there and reported a dynamic and sparkling edition where – once again – Yamawa solutions attracted the participants’ attention. Here is a quick interview after these busy days.

Mr. Grzegorz Czaja, Director of Technical and Marketing Department answers to our questions.

What are your feelings about this exhibition?

It has been a very busy but well spent time. Many visitors from metal industry have shown interest in our products and promotions.

By covering almost the most of needs of applications and materials, the wide range of tools we showcased helped us in attracting many visitors at our booth. As a result, we enjoyed the huge interest of ITM/Mach-Tool guests in Yamawa’s products.

It must be said that we were one of the few companies in the sector of cutting tools trading and our stand was well recognizable within the metal area of the fair…it has been a great idea to take part to this exhibition! We warmly thank Yamawa Europe for the support in the preparation of the fair.

Were there many visitors coming to your stand?

Yes, we really had many visitors. Although most of them were our current customers, it has been fruitful to meet them in person at the booth to show our range of products live. They had the opportunity to better appreciate the tools in detail and discuss with Technar’ staff about technical features, applications, and so on.

Furthermore, we also hosted many new potential customers looking for solutions to precise case studies that submitted many interesting questions. They also got information about our promotional actions and contacts from dedicated sales representative.

Concretely, we had almost 100 contacts in four days!

What Yamawa products were your visitors most interested in?

Well, it is hard to say because there was many people who asked about different parts of products range according to their specific needs. The VU Series was on fire, together with the GP Promo Action.

How is the state of the market in your country at present? After a strong start at the beginning of the year, actually the market is slowing down a little bit, but it remains still quiet dynamic and bodes well for the future.