The updated release of the European General Catalogue 2023 of the Japanese manufacturer, which celebrates 100 years since its founding this year, is now available for downloading.

The update contains the latest product innovations, starting with the VU Z-PRO series of machine taps, which expands the availability of sizes and threads: VUSP taps for blind holes now include diameters up to M24 in M and MF threads, while for VUPOs the availability is now M2-M24 (from M16 available in M and MF versions). Both VUPO and VUSP with long shanks (standard JIS) are then added, together with the VUSP CH type, a spiral fluted tap with central coolant hole. Completes the broadening of the VU series the new VUSP E(1.5P) with chamfer of 1.5 pitches.

Other products introduced with the European Catalogue 2023 update include:

  • VA-SP NPT taps for stainless steel are back in stock, available in sizes from NPT 1/8″ to NPT 1″.
  • The VA series of taps for stainless steel, also known as Blue Ring Series, broadens with the introduction of the VA-SP E(1.5P) with short chamfer for blind holes, in sizes M3-M20 and MF8x1-M16x1.5
  • For the MH series, the new MHRZ long-shank roll tap for applications on medium-hard carbon steels (20-35 HRC) and alloy steels, in sizes M6-M12 and MF10x1.25-MF16x1.5 and the MHRZ DIN 376 M16x2 tap.
  • The new MHSL Mini taps specific for screw threads on milling bodies or indexable tools.

To view or download a copy of the updated Yamawa European Catalog 2023 in electronic format, click on the button.