Check Pin

Helping your customer with the right technical recommendation is always the best way to secure a long lasting collaboration. In this case, let’s start from checking the hole size before tapping, definitely one of the critical steps to ensure reliable screw threads.

With Yamawa Check-pin box, you can master this part of the job for both cutting and forming threads.
The check pins are simple but very smart tools, enabling to measure easily and accurately the precision of the diameter of a bored hole in the case of cutting threads, or of the internal diameter of the thread crests formed by the roll taps, even for very small sizes.

  1. Forming threads: With the check pin it is possible to measure with millesimal accuracy the internal diameter of the crests formed to check whether the bored hole is suitable or if you have to modify it slightly.
  2. Cutting threads: Once you’ve completed the first hole with the selected drill, you can measure with millesimal precision the actual bored hole diameter, and then proceed with the tapping operation excluding all problems that may be caused by a wrong bored hole selection or execution.

The Yamawa Check-pin box set for M3-M4-M5-M6-M8-M10 (including a total of 30 check pins) is now
available and for a limited time you can get it for only 290€, an exceptional price valid only until the end of the year.

Position yourself as the preferred tapping consultant of your customers and secure repeated wins in your
area, elevating from competitors with superior knowledge!

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