Technar at ITM Industry Europe in Poznan


With the lights out on the ITM Industry Europe fair held in Poznan (Poland), it is time to take stock. Technar, Yamawa’s partner from Poland, was there and reported a dynamic and sparkling edition where – once again – Yamawa solutions attracted the participants’ attention. Here is a quick interview after these busy days. Mr…. Read more »

Large diameter blind holes: overcoming tool breakage issues

HVSP Z-Pro Yamawa

The manufacturing of large parts often deals with thick and long chips that increase the risk of chip tangling and cutting edge chipping, especially when machining soft structural steel such as Fe430B and low carbon steels. Without the use of a specific tap, tool breakage is a frequent issue. Within the broad Yamawa range of… Read more »

Dolinšek-S at International Industry Fair in Celje

Yamawa Dolinsec

From 5th to 8th of April, the company Dolinšek-S – Yamawa’s partner from Slovenia – has attended the International Indust­ry Fair in Celje. “During the four days of the exhibition a steady flow of people came to visit our stand. We met many potential new customers and it has been a great opportunity for our long-time customers to… Read more »

GG Taps for cast iron and abrasive materials

The machining of cast iron and abrasive materials is often challenging because of the wear that occurs on the surface of taps, potentially resulting in chipping of tap surface – that means bad thread quality- and shortening of tool life. Yamawa has developed material specific taps to overcome these issues, making the tapping of abrasive… Read more »

The Z-PRO VU Series broadens the range

Z-Pro VU SERIES range extended

New options are now available for the Z-PRO VU Series of ultimate machining taps, broadening this range of high performance tools. Here you have an overview of the news; for further information download the updated leaflet. The new VUSP CH coated spiral fluted tap with axial lubrication hole suitable for the use with water-soluble coolant… Read more »

Nuova app Tool Finder

App Yamawa Tool Finder

Trova la soluzione Yamawa più adatta per le tue lavorazioni.
Tool Finder mette a disposizione degli utilizzatori le soluzioni Yamawa per la filettatura (maschi, filiere, frese a filettare, utensili a centrare) con un pratico strumento per la selezione in diverse lingue, di libero accesso.

Maschi PM per l’industria dello stampo


L’industria dello stampo costituisce una tecnologia di produzione chiave della moderna manifattura. Dai beni di consumo all’alta tecnologia, la qualità del processo produttivo è strettamente correlata alla qualità dello stampo e le tecniche odierne consentono la fabbricazione di stampi e matrici con precisione micrometrica che possono essere ottenuti solo partendo dall’utilizzo di cicli produttivi affidabili…. Read more »

HT taps for the cycling industry

The European bicycle industry sells about 20 million bicycles over a year, and involves about 900 small and medium enterprises employing directly and indirectly 120,000 workers. At the beginning of 2020, the bike market suffered an initial setback mostly accountable to lock-down and barriers to transport and movement, but it soon rebounded as one of… Read more »

Twing-M alla fiera Metalworking a Minsk

Twing-M at Metalworking in Minsk

Twing-M, il partner bielorusso di Yamawa, ha partecipato alla fiera Metalworking a Minsk tenutasi dal 6 al 9 aprile scorsi. Per Yamawa si è trattato della prima fiera in presenza in Europa dopo un lungo periodo di stop, un’occasione importante per valutare il mercato e le reazioni dei partecipanti. Ovsey Gutfraind, membro della Direzione, traccia… Read more »