Blue Ring Series: taps for stainless steel

This article introduces the Yamawa Blue Rings Series of taps for stainless steel. It gives technical advices about the effectiveness of the oxidization treatment (OX) and non-water soluble oil use. Furthermore, this Focus highlights the advantages of larger bored holes before tapping. Yamawa’s series of taps for stainless steel (Blue Ring Series) is comprised of… Read more »

AUSP taps for Pipes Industry

AUSP family is fully developed for the Pipes Industry to produce G, Rp and Rc threads, where the main challenge is to combine reliability with versatility and finishing quality, even on structural steel (sticky and characterized by long chips), tipically used by customers in this segment. Yamawa AUSP Series meet perfectly these requirements thanks to… Read more »


L’entreprise japonaise Yamawa présente au Salon EMO la nouvelle ligne de tarauds Z-PRO, l’évolution du filetage à très hautes performances.  Avec l’introduction des tarauds VUSP et VUPO, Yamawa présente la première famille de tarauds de la nouvelle ligne Z-PRO, qui bénéficie de toute l’expérience et de tout le savoir-faire acquis au fil des années, pour… Read more »

MHSP : Nouveaux tarauds pour l’industrie automobile

Yamawa, leader mondial de la fabrication de solutions de filetage, présente les nouveaux tarauds MHSP, spécialement conçus pour améliorer la productivité des opérations de taraudage de trous borgnes dans l’acier au carbone de moyenne dureté. « La gamme de tarauds MHSP pour l’automobile constitue un enrichissement considérable d’une gamme déjà appréciée par plusieurs centres importants de… Read more »

Enhanced productivity with PRML Thread Mills

The PRML is a series of ultra fine, micrograin carbide premium thread mills that widens Yamawa’s portfolio with high performance solutions for higher productivity and high quality threading. The new programming software is available: at the end of this article, you have the link for the download. PRML thread mills are specifically designed to enable… Read more »

Yamawa focuses on automotive at EMO 2017

Yamawa will introduce at the forthcoming EMO exhibition in Hannover (Hall 5, Stand B83), the new MHSP taps specifically designed for improving productivity in medium hardness carbon steel blind holes tapping. «We are very happy about the possibility to arrive at EMO with another important new solution such as the MHSP for the automotive industry –… Read more »

Successful debut for Yamawa at Innoform in North Poland

Following up to the initiatives already in place in Poland, Technar Sp. z o.o. (presently: Technar Mikołów Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.) and Yamawa Europe has successfully extended the reach of commercial activities by making its debut at the industrial exhibition Innoform in Bydgoszcz. The results in terms of attendance and interest for the displayed products have… Read more »

Cored holes: Direct tapping with no tool breakage

Yamawa introduces the new family of ACHSP taps that enables significant reduction of production time in the manufacturing of Aluminum workpieces that require threading of cored holes. The time reduction is possible because ACHSP taps allow tapping directly, skipping the calibration phase and at the same time eliminating the risk of tool breakage. ACHSP taps… Read more »