The heavy industry sector and its factories involved with large parts design and production have to face specific complexities and challenges very different from other industrial fields. Good examples come from companies involved with the manufacturing of parts for power generation and distribution equipment, offshore platforms, military and commercial marine vessels, rail, and special civil and military vehicles.
Due to chip size one of the most recurring problem during tapping of large parts holes relates to tools breakage– think about a blind hole and the evacuation of the chip originated by a M48x5 thread for example.
Yamawa experience in developing threading solutions – matured in almost a century of history – and the commitment to serve all industries with dedicated products, come to the rescue providing new specific and innovative solutions.

HVSP series of taps for large diameters

In particular, the HVSP series – part of the Z-PRO series that recently joined with success the European market – are spiral fluted taps specifically designed to solve the issue of chipping and breakage in large diameter blind holes threading. Large size parts generate thick and long chips that are difficult to eject, increasing the risks of chip tangling and cutting edge chipping.
On this basis, Yamawa designed HVSP taps with three key innovative elements: the BLF thread geometry, a special geometry of the cutting edge, and an unique flute design.

Innovative features

The BLF shape on full thread portion delivers excellent cutting performances enabling the prevention of flute chipping problems. The special geometry in cutting edge prevents chip incursion from the back side of chamfer thread portion during the reverse motion. To maximize their effectiveness, HVSP large diameter taps undergo an oxidation treatment that enables flutes to retain more oil during tapping.

The oxidation treatment helps avoid welding problems on the thread portion of the tap and galling on tapped thread surface; the use of straight tapping oil in combination with the HVSP ensures therefore excellent internal surfaces.

It is worth noting that HVSP standard stock of taps extends from size M12 to M48 and from 1″ to 2″ for UN threads, therefore meeting the most of heavy industry’s needs. If required, Yamawa can produce larger diameters (the so-called semi-standard types) from blanks.

Test pool available!

HVSP is really a game changer and every time we have tested it against alternatives available, the result has always been a win and a happy customer!

Therefore, we have reserved a certain number of taps to support more of these activities and new customer trials. Hurry up to book yours until test pool supplies last! Write to or click on the button below and fill the form to contact us for customer test support.