Z-Pro VU SERIES range extended

New options are now available for the Z-PRO VU Series of ultimate machining taps, broadening this range of high performance tools. Here you have an overview of the news; for further information download the updated leaflet.

  • The new VUSP CH coated spiral fluted tap with axial lubrication hole suitable for the use with water-soluble coolant has joined the VU Series
  • A new version VUSP 1.5P with a chamfer length 1.5P is now available. It is the ideal tap for machining blind holes where there is little room between the bored hole depth and the full-thread length.
  • The VUSP range now includes taps up to M24 size for both the M and MF thread types
  • The VUPO range of taps extends from M2 size up to M24 (actual range was M3~M16); furthermore, from M16 both the M and MF thread types are available.
  • Both VUPO and VUSP taps are in stock also with long shank (JIS standard) 

All products are already included in Yamawa’s price list and available on the market.

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Excellent finishing quality

The VU Series of taps embeds all the experience and threading expertise that Yamawa gained over almost one century of business to provide the industry with a state-of-the-art tool capable of obtaining internal threads with excellent finishing quality.

VUSP (spiral fluted tap for blind holes) and VUPO (spiral pointed tap for through holes) both deliver top performances in terms of performance, reliability, and quality in every manufacturing context, from mass production to small-batches applications.

Yamawa has specifically designed the VU Series of taps for the use in modern machining centers with either oil or water-soluble cutting fluid. These taps enable continuous and reliable tapping; their special design with innovative flute geometry promotes exceptional chip evacuation and lowers cutting forces, so the tool life of VU Series extends significantly.