Yamawa dies are produced through the most modern manufacturing facilities, exploiting a long time expertise. Their accuracy and durability are highly evaluated among industries worldwide.

Spiral point dies

“General-purpose round dies, suitable for heavy cutting”

A part of chamfer portion is ground off to create a spiral-pointed flute. Like in spiral fluted tap, chips are pushed forward, preventing them from causing chip-jamming troubles.

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  • MF
  • G

Solid dies

“General-purpose dies to cut external threads. Suitable for heavy cutting”

Ready-to-use and suitable for heavy cutting, solid dies have no slit and thus do not allow any adjustment in the thread size.

Adjustable dies

“Standard dies to cut external threads. Adjusting screw allows small adjustments in the size of external threads”

This die has adjusting screw in the slit portion, through which the size of the external thread can be fine-tuned. These dies are most popular for cutting external screws and can be used both by hand and by machine.

Pipe dies (for taper threads, for parallel threads)

“Specific items for pipes and pipe parts”

Pipe dies are used for cutting taper threads and parallel threads. For cutting parallel threads, adjustable dies are only available.

Rolling dies

“The right tool to produce small and high-accuracy external threads without chips”

Rolling dies are thread-forming dies used in auto lathes to manufacture small screws widely applied to assemble cameras and watches. 3 thread rollers installed in 1/3pitch difference among each roller produce threads by material deformation. Thanks to the absence of chips, rolling dies easily produce high-accuracy threads, with excellent surface finishing.